Achieve a youthful look with BOTOX or Dysport injections in Boston

BOTOX is a widely popular aesthetic procedure in Boston, and for good reason – these injections deliver results. BOTOX injections effectively reduce muscle contractions responsible for persistent lines and wrinkles that develop over time on various facial areas. BOTOX can address mild to severe frown lines, forehead creases, crow's feet, drooping mouth corners, lip lines, and neck folds. Additionally, many patients find BOTOX helpful in managing excessive sweating under their arms and in their hands.


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With over 25 years of experience as a certified plastic surgeon, Leonard Miller makes an ideal companion in the fight against the effects of gravity. Rather than advocating for drastic alterations, he strongly emphasizes the principle of less is more. Miller excels in providing understated and naturally appearing facial Botox treatments, ensuring you achieve a refreshed and healthy look in just 10 minutes.

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Non-surgical facelift with BOTOX and fillers  

When combined with Juvederm or other Dermal Fillers, BOTOX injections can create a non-surgical facelift, often called a "liquid facelift." Our team of experienced professionals, including Dr. Leonard Miller, Dr. Sean Doherty, Dr. Akshay Sanan, Dr. Vickram Tandon, Dr. Farah Moustafa, and Dr. Melissa Michelon, specializes in achieving natural-looking results by adopting a less-is-more approach. Boston Magazine recently recognized Dr. Miller as the Best of Boston for BOTOX.

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What is the difference between BOTOX and Dysport?

These two injectables have the same active ingredient. When deciding between BOTOX and Dysport injections, it's essential to consider their unique characteristics. A notable difference lies in their trace proteins. Dysport is more diluted than BOTOX and has a broader diffusion range upon injection, making it suitable for larger areas like the forehead. In contrast, BOTOX remains closer to the injection site, making it highly effective for smaller regions like the eyes.

Both treatments effectively diminish wrinkles and fine lines resulting from facial expressions. However, it's important to note that they differ from dermal fillers, which enhance facial contours by filling grooves and increasing skin volume.

How does BOTOX work?

Long before wrinkles, crow's feet, and fine lines develop, we smile, furrow our brows, and make other facial motions. As skin and muscles lose elasticity over time, the creases in the skin become etched in. BOTOX facial injections work, limiting the movement of the muscles responsible by blocking the nerve signals. After the injection, the muscles in the treated area relax, reducing the wrinkles on the surface.

What to expect from your BOTOX or Dysport injections?

The administration of BOTOX injections in our practice is a straightforward 10-minute treatment performed by our experienced doctors. We target specific muscles in the treatment area through precise injections, leading to temporary muscle relaxation and a reduction in facial wrinkles and fine lines caused by muscle contraction. With continued treatment, these lines may also diminish due to the moderate weakening of treated muscles. We offer topical and injectable numbing options upon request to enhance patient comfort.

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BOTOX for overactive sweat glands (hyperhidrosis)

Sweating is the body's natural response to heat, physical exertion, and stress. When body heat rises due to these factors, nerves come into play, triggering sweating in conjunction with the brain to regulate body temperature. However, in some cases, sweat glands in the armpits and palms of the hands become overly active, requiring medical intervention.

What is hyperhidrosis?

This condition, known as hyperhidrosis, can significantly impact those who experience it. Unable to control excessive sweating by staying cool, many individuals start avoiding social situations. Hyperhidrosis can lead to anxiety and lifestyle changes. Excessive sweating can also lead to skin irritation, which, while uncomfortable, can pose other health risks when bacteria enter the affected areas, especially in individuals with conditions like diabetes or weakened immune systems.

How BOTOX stops excessive sweating

Similar to how BOTOX skin injections block nerve signals to reduce wrinkles, they can prevent nerves from triggering excessive sweating in the hands and armpits. This intervention doesn't affect the body's ability to regulate internal temperature, as other sweat glands throughout the body continue to function normally. It simply stops excessive sweating in the treated areas, boosting self-esteem and allowing individuals to face the world with confidence.

BOTOX recovery time

There is no downtime associated with BOTOX or Dysport injections. Many of our patients schedule treatments during their lunch break. Like any injection, you may experience slight redness at the injection site after the procedure.

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What to expect after your BOTOX treatment

Once your BOTOX treatment in Brookline is complete, we'll ask you to perform certain facial movements to ensure the success of the injections. We recommend avoiding lying down immediately after the procedure or rubbing the injection site to optimize results. Following our after-care instructions is essential for achieving the best possible outcome.

What results can I expect from my BOTOX?

BOTOX injection results typically become noticeable within 3-7 days and can last up to four months, although individual experiences may vary. Many of our patients return for services like Juvederm, advanced laser treatments, and medical facial treatments.

When will I need to get further BOTOX treatments?

While the average duration of BOTOX injections is four months, individual experiences may differ. Some patients only need injections once or twice a year, while others may notice results fading after a couple of months. Factors such as wrinkle depth, skin condition before the procedure, and other variables can influence the frequency of necessary BOTOX treatments.

Ready to look younger?

BOTOX offers several advantages, including reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines quickly without downtime. Results are comparable to more invasive procedures, with no scarring or repeated follow-up visits. While BOTOX may not address all types of skin aging concerns or be suitable for every patient, it is a non-invasive alternative that works for most.

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Why choose us for BOTOX or Dysport injections?

Plastic surgeons Dr. Leonard Miller, Dr. Sean Doherty, Dr. Akshay Sanan, and Dr. Vickram Tandon, along with board-certified dermatologists Dr. Farah Moustafa and Dr. Melissa Michelon, combine over 35 years of experience with expertly developed techniques to provide natural results for patients. Instead of the unnatural look that some patients experience after treatments, our patients gradually achieve a more youthful appearance. BOTOX can also be combined with other procedures, such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels, to reduce redness, enlarged pores, and age spots.

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What is BOTOX cosmetic?

Where can BOTOX be used?

Am I a good candidate for BOTOX?

How soon will I see the results of my BOTOX injections?

What are the potential side effects?

What is BOTOX cosmetic?

BOTOX is an injectable treatment designed to temporarily reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Made from botulinum toxin type A, BOTOX relaxes specific muscles, smoothing associated facial creases.

Where can BOTOX be used?

BOTOX Cosmetic effectively treats dynamic wrinkles caused by repetitive facial expressions. It is suitable for forehead creases, Frown Lines (the '11's') between the eyebrows), crow's feet, lip lines, and neck folds. BOTOX can also shape the lips and mouth and manage hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in the hands and armpits.

Am I a good candidate for BOTOX?

Ideal candidates for BOTOX are generally in good health, understand the non-invasive nature of the treatment, and have realistic expectations about the results. However, individuals with certain skin conditions or those who are pregnant or nursing may be advised to postpone treatment. During your consultation with Dr. Miller, Dr. Sanan, Dr. Tandon, Dr. Doherty, Dr. Moustafa, or Dr. Michelon, the suitability of BOTOX Cosmetic for your specific needs will be assessed.

How soon will I see the results of my BOTOX injections?

The results of BOTOX injections are not immediate. It typically takes 3-7 days for the benefits to become noticeable. These results can last up to four months, although individual experiences may vary. Many patients return to Boston Center for Plastic Surgery for additional services like Juvederm, advanced laser treatments, and medical facial treatments.

What are the potential side effects?

BOTOX is a safe and thoroughly tested method for treating dynamic wrinkles. Common side effects are generally mild and include tenderness, pinpoint bleeding, redness, and bruising at the injection site. These side effects usually resolve quickly. Serious complications, such as infection, asymmetry, or nerve damage, are rare. For the safest and most natural-looking results, it's essential to choose an experienced BOTOX injector, such as Dr. Miller, Dr. Doherty, Dr. Sanan, Dr. Tandon, Dr. Moustafa, or Dr. Michelon at Boston Center for Plastic Surgery.

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