Over time, the skin loses its youthful firmness and elasticity, leading to the development of sagging skin, fine lines, and deep wrinkles. Sun exposure, smoking, fluctuations in weight, and genetics can accelerate facial aging. While over-the-counter creams and lotions can hydrate the skin and bring limited results, Boston Center for Plastic Surgery offers an efficient, non-invasive solution to address lines, wrinkles, and creases with an advanced injectable: Restylane®.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a safe and effective dermal filler approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to add volume to facial tissues to smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This injectable treatment helps patients achieve a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance with synthetic hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance in the skin. HA acts like a sponge, absorbing moisture and expanding to create a foundation for the skin, resulting in a smoother facial appearance that lasts for months. 

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What can Restylane do for me?

Restylane can address various facial aging issues, including:

  • Smoothing deep facial lines and wrinkles
  • Improving fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoothing visible acne scars
  • Enhancing lip volume and definition
  • Reducing under-eye puffiness
  • Restoring lost facial volume
  • Creating facial symmetry
  • Minimizing fine lines around the mouth and cheeks

Is Restylane the best filler for my skin?

Nearly anyone frustrated by the early signs of aging, such as fine lines, deep wrinkles, and facial volume loss, can be an excellent candidate for Restylane®. Ideal candidates should be in good overall health and completely understand the treatment and expected results. Restylane is suitable for all skin types and ethnicities.

Before undergoing Restylane treatment, patients will have a consultation with one of our facial rejuvenation experts.

During this consultation, a brief skin evaluation will be conducted, your medical history will be reviewed, and current medications will be discussed. Our expert will explain the Restylane treatment process and discuss the expected results. Before-and-after photographs of previous patients may be shown to provide a visual representation of the potential benefits of treatment. If Restylane is determined to be the right option for achieving the patient's desired goals, a personalized treatment plan will be created.

What is the treatment like to experience?

Restylane injections are performed in a private treatment room at the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery and typically take less than an hour. The procedure is reasonably easy to experience, as Restylane contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic that numbs the treatment area during application. Additional topical or local numbing agents can be used for those who are particularly sensitive. Your comfort matters to us!

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What is the recovery time?

Restylane requires no downtime, making it very convenient. Patients can return to their usual activities immediately after treatment. It is important to avoid rubbing or manipulating the treatment area for the first three days after the procedure to ensure the product settles as intended. While redness, tenderness, and bruising may occur temporarily around the treatment area, these side effects typically fade quickly. The benefits of Restylane are immediately visible and continue to improve as the skin generates fresh new collagen, adding structure and firmness to the skin. Results can last six to nine months before a follow-up Restylane session is needed.

At Boston Center for Plastic Surgery, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing the safest and most effective non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments in Boston, and we are proud to be recognized as the premier facial rejuvenation center in the region.

During the consultation, our experts may recommend complementary treatments, such as BOTOX or laser treatments, to enhance the benefits of Restylane for lovely, fresh, natural results.

Why choose us?

At Boston Center for Plastic Surgery, we take pride in our team of highly skilled professionals, including board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aestheticians. Each team member is committed to delivering exceptional care and achieving outstanding results for our patients. With extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields, our professionals employ a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation and cosmetic procedures.

We stay at the leading edge in the latest advancements in aesthetics, ensuring our patients receive the most innovative and effective treatments available. Whether it's surgical procedures, non-invasive treatments, or skincare solutions, our comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation allows us to tailor a treatment plan to the unique needs and goals of our patient, refreshing the facial appearance while ensuring a conservative approach so you look like you – at your best.

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Joining the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery means becoming part of a team dedicated to enhancing the lives of our patients. We are periodically seeking talented professionals for positions in various areas of our practice. Explore current job opportunities below:

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