If your facial appearance has changed with time, looking gaunt or hollow, Voluma can restore lost volume, leaving you looking youthful, healthy, and revitalized. Trust in our expertise and watch your skin reclaim its vibrant, natural contour and glow of confidence. Voluma’s specialized hyaluronic acid formula ensures your results mimic natural facial contours and can last up to two years. 

Non-surgical facelift: The Voluma effect

Voluma can be injected to add subtle volume to sagging cheeks, jawline, or receding or smaller chin, creating a refined change in your look. Injections performed by our leading facial rejuvenation experts allow you to look refreshed and healthy without surgery.

After peaking in the 20s, the skin’s collagen and elastin levels slowly begin to fade with each passing year. Over time, facial features can look flat, sunken, and hollow. Sun exposure can also contribute to this decrease in healthy skin volume. Allergan’s Voluma, created by the makers of BOTOX, is a one-of-a-kind dermal filler designed to improve this decrease in facial volume using injectable fillers.

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What is Voluma?

Created from hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance naturally found in the body, Voluma pulls in water from surrounding tissues to create a healthy contour in the targeted area. Using Allergan’s patented Vycross® technology, Voluma is made with powerful strings of HA. Resistant to degradation, Voluma offers noticeable improvement and extraordinary results lasting twice as long as traditional fillers. The benefits of filler injections can be seen immediately and last up to two years.

What can Voluma do?

  • Cheekbones
  • Mid-face
  • Temples
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Smile lines
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Are you a candidate for Voluma?

If you are one of the many people who see the face losing its fresh, natural volume, dermal fillers, including Voluma, can subtly but dramatically enhance your look, with results that appear at once, and improve as the gel settles into the skin’s tissues. To find out if Voluma is the correct cosmetic procedure for your needs, schedule an initial consultation at Boston Center for Plastic Surgery.

 Dr. Miller will perform a thorough examination of the facial tissues, determining the best treatment(s) for achieving the desired results. While Voluma can provide excellent benefits on its own, the injectable can also be an effective part of a larger aesthetic treatment plan, including surgical procedures, to obtain optimal solutions and aesthetic results.

What is the treatment like at Boston Center for Plastic Surgery?

Your injections will be performed in one of our private treatment rooms at Boston Center for Plastic Surgery. Each minimally invasive procedure typically takes less than half an hour, with a brief numbing time. Most patients do not find treatment with Voluma to be painful, as the formula contains lidocaine, a topical anesthetic. The treatment area will become slightly numb with each injection. Additional numbing can be performed for those particularly sensitive to injections.

After treatment with Voluma – is there a recovery time?

Results from Voluma can be seen right away. It is normal to experience minor discomfort, swelling, redness, and tenderness, which fade in the following week. You are free to apply makeup on the same day as your injections. The results of Voluma will last for up to two years before beginning to fade. At this time, a maintenance Voluma session can further extend the benefits, including providing a midface lift, cheek enhancement, and jawline refinement of volume added for a more balanced chin projection.

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How much does Voluma cost?

The cost of your Voluma injections will depend on the area being treated and the desired results. Please call Dr. Leonard Miller’s office for a personalized consultation. Although Voluma is not covered by insurance, Boston Center for Plastic Surgery accepts cash and all major credit cards, as well as healthcare financing. For more information on Voluma and to schedule your personal consultation, contact Boston Center for Plastic Surgery.

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Voluma FAQ

What is Voluma?

Am I a good candidate for Voluma?

Can Voluma be combined with other treatments?

Is Voluma painful?

What are the risks of Voluma?

What is Voluma?

Voluma is a dermal filler made from hyaluronic acid, designed to restore facial volume and contour for a more youthful appearance.

Am I a good candidate for Voluma?

Ideal candidates for Voluma are in good health and seeking to address age-related facial volume loss. Realistic expectations for results are important, and pregnant or breastfeeding women may be asked to postpone treatment.

Can Voluma be combined with other treatments?

Yes, Voluma can be part of a comprehensive aesthetic treatment plan, including surgical procedures, to achieve optimal results.

Is Voluma painful?

Voluma contains lidocaine, a topical anesthetic, which minimizes discomfort during the procedure. Additional numbing options are available for enhanced comfort.

What are the risks of Voluma?

While side effects are typically minimal, there is a small chance of facial asymmetry, infection, or nerve damage. Choosing an experienced injector like Dr. Leonard Miller can minimize these risks.

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