21 Sep 2023 | by Leonard Miller, MD, FACS, FRCS

Most patients share similar concerns regarding noninvasive cosmetic procedures, such as recovery time, discomfort, and side-effects, especially bruising. Unfortunately, even when the safest cosmetic injectables are administered by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, some patients will still experience bruising. Facial tissue is a vascular complex made of thousands of tiny veins and blood vessels, meaning that even the most carefully placed injection can cause an unsightly bruise.

Introducing AccuVein at the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery

AccuVein is a cutting-edge vein visualization technology, putting an end to worrying about bruising following an injectable treatment. Using AccuVein’s game-changing technology, cosmetic surgeons now have the chance to view the vast network of veins and blood vessels underneath the skin prior to treatment. An experienced practitioner can incorporate the pain-free step of AccuVein’s vein visualization to see a roadmap of the individual patient’s vasculature. The veins can then be avoided during the injections, making the treatment more comfortable, dramatically reducing ugly bruising, and ultimately decreasing post-treatment discomfort. AccuVein gives both doctors and patients peace-of-mind, reducing bruising, and getting clients back to their normal routine right away.

Dr. Leonard Miller, founder of the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery, is deeply committed to patient safety and comfortable care. As one of the country’s leading developers of innovative products and devices, it is a top priority for Dr. Miller to bring the latest in technology to the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery. Adding AccuVein means Dr. Miller’s patients will have the best aesthetic experience possible. This commitment to patient safety is what continuously sets the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery apart from other area cosmetic practices.

When is AccuVein used?

Using concentrated infrared laser light, the small, handheld AccuVein device can highlight the thousands of veins under the skin. AccuVein’s laser light is absorbed by the hemoglobin, immediately illuminating any veins or vessels. Simply holding the applicator above the target area will make veins stand out from the surrounding tissue, clearly showing the vasculature. Using the AccuVein device, injectors will avoid the many hidden veins, pinpointing the perfect location to prick the skin and place the injectable.

AccuVein technology can work anywhere on the body, including the face, neck, and extremities. The Boston Center for Plastic Surgery includes AccuVein in almost any procedure where avoiding a vein can diminish the risk of bruising. This includes noninvasive treatments, as well as surgical procedures. Every patient, no matter their skin color, age, or ethnicity, can make a good candidate for the technique. Best of all, as the AccuVein device never touches the skin, the technique can be used before any treatment, making each procedure safer and more comfortable.

Find Out More About AccuVein:

Call the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery to find out more about AccuVein vein visualization at (617) 735-8735. While you are speaking with a patient coordinator, schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Miller or his associate, Dr. Sean Doherty, at the Boston or Brookline office. To have a patient coordinator contact you, simply fill out our online Contact Us form.

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