21 Sep 2023 | by Leonard Miller, MD, FACS, FRCS

By now, you have no doubt heard all about the newest craze in nonsurgical fat elimination: CoolSculpting. For the last several years, CoolSculpting’s unique method, using cryolipolysis technology to ‘freeze’ away fatty tissue has been the talk of the town. So who could have guessed that such a good thing would get even better?

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At the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Leonard Miller and his team have long understood the importance of a noninvasive aesthetic treatment. For many patients, their procedure means a big investment, especially if they do not have the funds or time for extensive surgery and a long recovery. Knowing this, Dr. Miller became one of the first doctors in the Boston area to offer CoolSculpting. The technique takes less than an hour, requires no downtime, and brings up to a 25% reduction in areas of fat bulging.

As one of the earliest providers of the noninvasive fat reduction technique, the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery boasts the area’s most experienced staff. All of our CoolSculpting team has been through extensive training with Zeltiq, the technology’s creator, and are graduates of the CoolSculpting University in California. As a certified site, the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery is trusted by patients for their body sculpting needs.

More Treatment Areas

Zeltiq is continuously improving the CoolSculpting handpieces, creating applicators that better fit unique areas of the body, providing greater coverage and improved results. The newest applicators make treatment versatile, providing a customized procedure for almost anyone in almost any area of the body. From the CoolAdvantage for large bands of fat on the abdomen, the CoolSmooth Pro for ‘unpinchable’ areas of fat like the outer thighs, and the CoolMini for hard to reach submental fat (more lovingly called the Double Chin), CoolSculpting is ready to treat almost any isolated fat on the body.

The newest handpiece from Zeltiq is their innovative arm/hand applicator, the CoolAdvantage Petite. The Boston Center for Plastic Surgery is the first practice in the area to offer this streamlined handpiece. The CoolAdvantage Petite allows for successful treatment of short fat bulges, like that of the inner thighs and flanks, in just 35 minutes.

Added Comfort

The latest CoolSculpting tools, all available at the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery, are made to hug the body. Better tissue contact means lower, more consistent cool temperatures across the entire treatment area. As the tissue slowly gets colder, the target area becomes numb. CoolSculpting is generally considered pain-free and  requires no anesthetic. According to Zeltiq’s extensive patient research, the newest CoolSculpting technology is 45% more comfortable than the original procedure.

Faster Speed

Traditionally, CoolSculpting took just 60 minutes per treatment, making the technique perfect for patients on the go. The current CoolSculpting applicators are more efficient and effective, so the CoolAdvantage takes only 35 minutes per treatment, yet provides the same or better results. Patients are in and out of the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery in just a little over half an hour. This makes CoolSculpting perfect as a simple, lunch-time technique.

Improved Results

As CoolSculpting has evolved, the technique has become refined, increasingly efficient, and more effective. With better skin contact and cooler temperatures, the results from a single CoolSculpting treatment are better than ever. Patients can expect to see between 25-30% reduction in fatty tissue along the treatment area. While the results are not immediate, as the fat cells are metabolized and eliminated, benefits of treatment will be noticeable in three to four months. Looking for a more extensive fat reduction? A second CoolSculpting procedure is completely safe, and will provide an additional 25-30% reduction in fat.

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