Dr. Sanan consulting with a Deep Neck Lift patient.

16 Jan 2024

The dreaded double chin.  Many know that decreasing your overall body fat percentage can only do so much if a double chin is a part of your genetic makeup, so what can you do?  Dr. Sanan walks us through the definitive surgical treatment for double chins, comparing it to less effective alternatives such as Kybella and more invasive options like chin liposuction.  
The Deep Neck Lift stands out as a surgical definitive treatment for double chins, offering permanent results. Unlike other options, this procedure requires only a week of recovery, making it an attractive choice for individuals seeking lasting improvements.  Kybella, while an option, comes with a week of pain and offers results that are neither permanent nor guaranteed. In comparison to Kybella, which relies on injecting bile acid to melt fat, the Deep Neck Lift ensures a more even and reliable outcome. Kybella is known for its spotty results and intense pain, as it involves arbitrary injections.  
Compared to chin liposuction, the Deep Neck Lift is more invasive, reaching beyond the superficial layer of fat. The surgery involves addressing multiple layers, including the superficial fat and muscle layers, and deep neck fat, making it a comprehensive solution. The Deep Neck Lift is the ideal choice for permanent neck and double chin contouring for females into their late 30’s and men into their 40’s. Dr. Sanan notes that those with some skin loosening can benefit with combination therapy: at the same time as the Deep Neck Lift, Profound treatment can be performed on patients with mild skin looseness. For individuals with a significant amount of loose skin, Dr. Sanan may recommend a deep plane facelift for optimal results.  
Contrary to common misconceptions, surgical options are not exclusive to older individuals. Dr. Sanan has observed a growing trend of young people opting for the Deep Neck Lift. The Deep Neck Lift is a permanent reorganization and restructuring of the deep neck muscle, fat and tissue layers to give you a sharp neckline. The Deep Neck Lift involves the strategic repositioning and realigning of anatomy in the chin area. By cutting out excess fat and tightening the underlying muscles, this procedure offers a highly effective solution with only one small incision.  Not only is it highly effective, but it is permanent, too.  
Dr. Sanan's expertise in repositioning and realigning neck anatomy sets this surgical option apart, providing individuals with lasting results that non-surgical treatments simply cannot match. Say goodbye to your double chin with the Deep Neck Lift, a procedure that combines precision and permanence for a more confident you. 

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