21 Sep 2023 | by Leonard Miller, MD, FACS, FRCS

You may have noticed the recent plethora of ads popping up for a relatively new procedure called CoolSculpting, aimed at improving the look of your neck and chin. As one of the most exciting noninvasive technologies on the aesthetic market, CoolSculpting can ‘freeze away’ areas of stubborn fat that are difficult to eliminate with diet and exercise alone. But is CoolSculpting the right procedure for you?

Boston’s Dr. Leonard Miller was one of the first plastic surgeons to offer CoolSculpting to his patients, successfully targeting ‘love handles’ and muffin tops’, around the waist and abdominal areas, as well as reducing fat along the outer thighs. While the technology can be very affective at removing excess fat in certain parts of the body, the results of CoolSculpting can be unpredictable under the neck. While CoolSculpting generally results in a 25-35% reduction in stubborn fat, Dr. Miller has actually found alternate methods, such as ThermiTight and Neck Liposuction, that will produce even better – and most importantly, more consistent – results in neck contour.

ThermiTight is a micro-invasive technique used to tighten the skin and lift tissues. By inserting a thin, blunt probe into the skin, the collagen production gets a kick-start and is dramatically improved. Dr. Miller helped to develop this cutting-edge technique, and now ThermiTight is available from some of the best plastic surgeons around the world.

In situations where an excess of stubborn fat is present under the chin, Dr. Miller can add a mini-liposuction procedure, using a small syringe and thin cannula. Combining ThermiTight and mini-liposuction, Dr. Miller will sculpt below the chin, providing the effects of a neck lift without invasive surgery. This procedure is painless, can be performed in a single visit at the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery, and only takes about half an hour to perform.

Another noninvasive method for reducing excess fat along your neck and chin area is the innovative injectable treatment, Kybella. Through a series of tiny injections, Kybella is meticulously placed where it is needed, permanently destroying fat cells, providing a more dependable and consistent result than CoolSculpting. Once the series of Kybella treatments is complete, no further maintenance sessions are needed.  

The Boston Center for Plastic Surgery understands you have many cosmetic surgery options there available today. To achieve your ideal appearance, it is important to remember that each treatment will have its own set of pros and cons. With the help of Dr. Leonard Miller and his professional team, we can help you determine if CoolSculpting, ThermiTight, Kybella, or a combined approach, will be best for eliminating the areas of unwanted fat under your chin and neck.

Dr. Miller is ones of Boston’s most experienced plastic surgeons. Read more his noninvasive fat elimination procedures, like CoolSculpting, ThermiTight, and Neck Liposuction. Finally, contact the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery at 617. 735.8735, or fill out our online Contact us form, to schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. Miller.

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