21 Sep 2023 | by Leonard Miller, MD, FACS, FRCS

When you think about the early signs of aging, the neck may not be the first feature that comes to mind. However, ask this same question to any woman in her late 40s or older and she will agree; the neck is one of the first places to give away the age. The skin below the chin, down to the décolletage, takes a beating from sun damage and the elements, just like the face. As this delicate area begins to lose its youthful skin elasticity, tiny pockets of fatty tissue can develop, further affecting the neck’s crepey, sagging appearance.See more patients »

For years, a woman’s only hope to improve her neckline was through an expensive invasive procedure. Luckily, the Boston Center for Facial Rejuvenation offers a variety of nonsurgical methods to address these common issues, dramatically improving the appearance of one’s neck without having to undergo invasive surgery.

Submental Fat (Double Chin) and Bulky Neck Tissue

  • The troublesome double chin and bulky tissue that form along the neck can be managed through micro-liposuction Using a small needle and suctioning syringe, Dr. Miller will meticulously sculpt the chin and neckline, eliminating these stubborn fat deposits. Results are dramatic and long-lasting.

Saggy Neck Skin

  • ThermiTight or a subcutaneous Profound (medical micro-needling with radiofrequency energy) treatment can successfully reduce skin laxity or saggy tissue along the neck. These techniques tighten these thin tissues, giving droopy skin a significant lift and a youthful appearance.
  • Innovative radiofrequency treatments, such as Profound or Endymed, work by tightening the facial skin from the inside out, restoring collagen production in the months after treatment, and lasts for years.

Crepey, Wrinkled Skin

  • Crepey, wrinkled skin across the neck can easily and successfully be treated through a combination of micro-needling, fat injections, and radiofrequency treatments, such as Profound or Endymed. Medical microneedling creates thousands of micro-injuries in the tissue, encouraging the body’s natural healing process, creating fresh new skin cells, and upping collagen production which can even help even out an uneven skin tone.
  • Fat transfer injections plump the skin, safely smoothing wrinkles using the patient’s own fatty tissue.
  • Radiofrequency procedures significantly address lax, crepey skin by tightening tissues to offer long-term improvements.

Prominent Platysmal Muscle Bands

  • Botox Cosmetic, the most trusted wrinkle-reducing injectable, can also be used to soften the appearance of visible Platysmal muscle bands. Just as the injectable smooths facial lines, Botox can relax the targeted Platysma muscle, thus tightening and smoothing the loose skin along the neck.

Puffy, Protruding Fatty Deposits

  • The first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for submental fat, Kybella, works by damaging fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body. Each Kybella session involves a set of up to 50 tiny injections, taking 15-30 minutes. A series of four to six sessions is required. The results appear gradually and will last for years to come.

Neck Lines

  • Frustrating necklines can be successfully treated with the Fraxel laser or using meticulously placed dermal fillers such as Hyaluronic Acid.
  • The Fraxel works by emitting small blasts of concentrated light energy deep under the skin’s surface, kick-starting collagen production.
  • Dermal fillers based in Hyaluronic Acid, including Juvederm Volbella or Restylane, can plump, lift, and smooth the loose neck skin, immediately restoring a youthful neckline.

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The Boston Center for Plastic Surgery is excited to bring the world’s most cutting-edge, nonsurgical techniques to patients. Each can improve the appearance when performed alone, and when combined with additional noninvasive or surgical techniques, can provide optimal results for a youthful appearance. The Boston Center for Plastic Surgery’s own, Dr. Leonard Miller, has years of experience performing these game-changing procedures, some of which he played a key role in their development.

Leave it to the Neck Rejuvenation Experts

For more information on nonsurgical neck rejuvenation, contact the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery at (617) 735-8735. Our patient coordinator is looking forward to explaining all of your noninvasive options, the wide variety of payment options available, and assisting in arranging your complimentary consultation with Dr. Miller. Call us or fill out the online Contact Us form.

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