21 Sep 2023 | by Leonard Miller, MD, FACS, FRCS

Safe Practice During COVID-19 at the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery

I certainly don’t need to tell you that these are unprecedented times. We have all been affected in one way or another by the COVID-19 pandemic. Though I have great faith in our global medical community’s ability to come up with a treatment and vaccine for this disease, the uncertainty of when this will happen means that we are all going to need to change how we conduct ourselves in both our private and business lives. Many of these changes, such as working from home and Zoom conferences, are probably here to stay. So, I wanted to take a moment to discuss how those of us here at the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery are going to manage cosmetic treatments for our patients going forward.

Safety First

As Board-Certified doctors, Dr. Doherty and myself have the kind of training and experience that gives us a deep understanding of how to safely perform procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. While we have always maintained a clean, sterile environment in our office and consultation rooms in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, these efforts will be even more intense as we move forward and get back to work.

We are blessed with large offices and multiple treatment rooms. This makes it easy for us to keep our patients at an appropriate, safe distance from each other. We also have all the necessary PPE, and a staff of trained operating nurses who know how to maintain a heightened level of sterility in the office as well as how to manage treatments in a safe, appropriate way.

Our Job is to Assess What You Really Need

Furthermore, safety has always been a cornerstone of my practice philosophy. Neither myself, or Dr. Doherty are in the business of pushing procedures on our patients. Our job is to assess exactly what you need to feel like the best version of yourself. Given our current climate of social distancing, this may be different than your normal treatment plan. We will strive to recommend the best possible procedure or procedures to safely deliver on your desired outcome without putting you at additional, unnecessary risk performing something that may not be crucial while we all continue to live 6 feet apart.

Give You Self Confidence

However, I believe strongly that the services that we provide for our patients are necessary. The goal of any aesthetic procedure at the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery is to boost your self-confidence. This is always important, but I think it is particularly vital during times of increased anxiety and stress.

We all know that stress is not good for our health. It takes its toll both mentally and physically, affecting how much and how well we sleep as well as the kind of foods that we crave. Easing some of these outward signs of worry with fillers or Botox, for example, will make you feel better about yourself. And as your external health improves, this can have a positive effect on your internal health. Bottom line, not seeing so many worry lines can actually make you feel less worried. 

Looking Good on Zoom

Then, there is Zoom. While video conferencing has been an amazing way to keep people working while maintaining a safe distance, it is not kind to the ego. Unless you are still in your 20’s, chances are that you do not look like the best version of yourself on a Zoom call. Even with the appropriate lighting and makeup, the video camera on your phone, tablet and/or computer seems to enhance every flaw, rather real or perceived, on the face, neck and décolletage. Since video conferencing will continue to be a way of life for the immediate future and probably beyond, figuring out fast, simple ways to keep you looking rested, refreshed and youthful is going to be critical. This may include something as simple as high quality skincare or a non-surgical procedure such as:

Whatever you need, we are here to help. We are all in this together and we’ll get through it together. Take care and stay safe.

To find out more about non-surgical and surgical procedures at the Boston Center for Plastic Surgery, contact us today or call (617) 735- 8735 to schedule a consultation.

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